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Updated 1/23/2018
New Website!

This is my third attempt at creating a new website. I bought new software and have been struggling a bit with the learning curve but I think I have it figured out good enough for my needs. Hope you like it. I was really trying to make it more readable on mobile devices as that seems to be where it's all headed.

Annealer update.

I have everything in stock and I can generally ship your order within one/two working days of receipt of your order.  I try very hard to stick to this.  I hate waiting for stuff and I'm sure you do also. 
New guide for Load Master primer mods.

The new Primer Mods Guide is finished and available.  This is a tell-all that will explain in detail how to do the ARS primer mod I came up with along with all the other mods that go with it.

International shipping.

I DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.  Being a very small company I do not get any special shipping deals which makes international shipping ridiculously expensive and also very time consuming for me having to deal with the customs forms and other formalities so I choose not to do it.