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New Website!

This is my third attempt at creating a new website. I bought new software and have been struggling a bit with the learning curve but I think I have it figured out good enough for my needs. Hope you like it. I was really trying to make it more readable on mobile devices as that seems to be where it's all headed.

Annealer update.

Gearmotors have arrived at my vendor and my order is on its way to my shop. I will get all the machines on order built as soon as they come in. Pretty sure I can get what I have on order now done in a day. I appreciate the patience of those who have placed an order. Please know that I am dancing as fast as I can.

International shipping.

I DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.  Being a very small company I do not get any special shipping deals which makes international shipping ridiculously expensive and also very time consuming for me having to deal with the customs forms and other formalities so I choose not to do it.
Updated 1/4/2018