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Load Master Survival Guide

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In this nineteen page tutorial, I have tried to present through words and pictures many of the remedies I have come up with for the problems I have experienced while using my Load Master. It is not a parts guide or a setup manual as those items already exist along with countless videos, forum threads and how-to articles. This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of your press and you have successfully loaded ammunition on it. What it covers is how I went about dealing with the problems I encountered with the press and the less than desirable results I obtained with it and what I did to address each problem.

The tutorial covers the following; Mounting the press, Carrier alignment issues, Case ejector tuning, Shellplates, The primer system, Turrets, Carrier mechanical problems, Case feeder, Pro Auto Disk, Press lubrication, Bullet feeder and my products.

If you are one of the many folks out there who are having some sort of problem with your Load Master this tutorial may be just what you need to help you out. If nothing else it may just cause you to think about some problem you are having with your press from a different perspective.